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The Future of History

Vestigia is a project to use frontier technologies in order to breathe fresh life into the exploration of history. We build accurate historical games that anyone can use to create, improve, learn and play.

Harnessing artifical intelligence, next-gen 3D graphics, and the collaborative strength of community engagement, the time machine is now within reach.

About Vestigia

We are a band of historians, developers, and gamers dedicated to forging the most immersive historical video games on the market—crafted with precision through a novel crowdsourcing approach.

Whether you're adept at researching, programming, designing, or have a keen interest in history, there’s a place for you in Vestigia. Your input is crucial in bringing depth and authenticity to our games.


Come contribute to a project where history is not just told but intricately built with each contribution.

How to contribute

To become a part of our journey, join us on Patreon.

Your membership helps us build the foundations of the project and grants you access to our Discord server, a hub for collaboration and discussion to make virtual history.


There, you can download early access versions of our games, exchange ideas, and offer your unique insights.


Vestigia was established by three historians: Arthur Chevallier, Raphaël Doan, and Baptiste Roger-Lacan.


Our mission is to resurrect history in an interactive way, by crossing the gap between the realms of culture and technology.


Press and Testimonials

28 minutes, Arte


AI Experiments

Historical text synthesis projects made in January 2023.

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